Our Philosophy


Who are we?

We're a boutique company focused on the creation of big ideas that we're passionate about. Sometimes they're our clients, sometimes they're our own. We bring ideas to life and we help them grow.

What do we do?

  1. We invest our time and energy into helping our clients with their big ideas. We build their tech, find them funding, and help them with their marketing.

  2. We build our own ideas. We build our own businesses that we're passionate about, ideas we feel the world needs.


Who do we serve?

We serve our clients (the founders), our partners, our investors and our community. We build an ecosystem in which allows business ideas to flourish. Good business benefits everyone, and thats what we try to achieve.

Our Mission

To facilitate entrepreneurs, founders and our own staff to build big ideas that we're passionate about.

Our Team


Imelda Fossu - CEO

Imelda started Fossu Ltd as a group that works on big ideas, both their own and that of their clients. Having had an early start in entrepreneurship, forming her first official company at aged 19 (although having started in business at age 14) although relatively young Imelda has already had a wealth of experience in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She now takes the lessons learned in her own start-ups and passes on this knowledge to her clients. She enjoys all aspects of working with startups, and is often on hand for late night phone calls, additional advice and stating her opinion on everything from the business model to the brochures. She currently sits as a Director on 4 active companies, and has another 3 advisory positions. She also acts as a Marketing Director in around 3 startups, and often does talks on marketing, investment, and business strategy.


TOM FENTION - partnership manager

An entrepreneur himself, Tom joins the Fossu Ltd team as its Partnership Manager. His previous experience managing and growing his own company means he’s well versed in the many hats a Founder has to wear to see their company succeed. As Partnership Manager Tom oversees all new clients, helps define their needs and most importantly checks they’re a good fit for Fossu Ltd. Tom is a whizz at operations and alongside his client management he also helps with Fossu Ltd’s internal systems to help them set for scale. Tom currently works entirely on the client management side but soon will be assisting on one of our internal projects.


Our Principles

  • We believe in commitment. From our founders, our clients and our staff. Business can get scary, entrepreneurship isn't easy - all the more reason to stay the course.

  • We believe in honesty. Business is not an easy game, and the players don't always play fair. We demand honesty from everyone, and we endeavour to give it in return.

  • We believe in doing things differently. We promise that in every situation we look to the past to guide our thinking, the present to understand our situation and the future to see whats possible. But, ultimately, we look to ourselves to go down a path that isn't always tried and true. We don't believe in limitations.

  • We believe in hope and faith. Hope for a better future, faith in humankind, hope for a better world, and faith in ourselves. 'Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen'. In business we move by faith, a belief in the intangible and a hope that it will all come good. Hope and faith are requirements of any initial big idea. We believe it is them that helps bring it to life.

  • We believe in money. We are not a company that is unafraid of riches, we want abundance in all things. Money is the lifeblood of a business, and we instil this in our founders. Ultimately, we want to make a difference, and the best difference can be made with a lot of money. With money, we can make a difference in our own lives, our founders lives and the lives of our communities by bringing these big ideas to life. Therefore, one of our (arguably) most important principles, is our belief in money. A belief that it is good, that it makes a difference, and that it is ours.

  • We believe in the long term. We believe in change long after we're gone. We believe in a legacy.