Clientwire is an InsurTech startup located in Liverpool. They build custom software solutions for Insurance companies such as chatbots, payment solutions and artificial intelligence.

Clientwire came to us seeking help with a £500,000 raise. They had a large amount of existing traction, with agreements in principle from multiple large insurance companies. The founding team had a wealth of experience, and the CEO expressed their main issue was communicating their offering to venture capitals.

Clientwire did have a pitch deck that they had been working from, although this wasn't fit for purpose given the size of their round and the traction they had received. Our first port of call was to work alongside the founding team, revamping the pitch deck prior to any fundraising activities.

The CEO also expressed his need for assistance in finding a technical co-founder or technical partner. We made multiple introductions to individuals and our technical partners, and Clientwire was able to come to a revenue share agreement with our technical partner Zepto Systems.

As of April 2019 we are still currently overseeing the creation of Clientwire’s new pitch deck, we will then begin a mass deck send out upon its completion.

01 Full business audit
02 Pitch deck audit
03 Pitch deck creation
04 Access to our Angel Network
05 Access to our VC Network


Stage One - Technical introductions

Clientwire had previously been let down by a member of their team assisting with the tech build. Therefore one of the real pain points the CEO was looking to address was a technical partner, or senior developer that could take on a co-founder like role. We made multiple introductions across our network, and was successful in introducing the CEO to one of our technical partners - Zepto Systems. Zepto has the infrastructure and resources to deal with a such a complex technical product such as Clientwire. they were able to move forward on a revenue share agreement to deliver the first of the solutions to Clientwire’s insurance clients.

Stage Two - Pitch deck audit

After filling the technical requirements Clientwire had, we then turned our attention to their fundraise. Clientwire’s existing pitch deck was extremely informative, but on reading, didn’t clearly display the market traction the company had received. We worked with the CEO to advise on a pitch deck order and design that would be more fitting to the company and clearly explained the traction and clients they had achieved.

Stage Three - Pitch deck creation

Clientwire’s founding team were very eager to write their own pitch deck. We advised using example templates and gave a rough structure for the CMO to follow. We expect to have the pitch deck finalised and begin our mass deck send out by end of June 2019.


We expect to the investment round with Clientwire to close by end Q4 2019. We have had a large amount of interest from our VC and Angel partners in Clientwire’s market offering. Fossu Ltd will then remain in an advisory position for Clientwire’s future growth.

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Last Updated: April 2019