Immerse Nation is a location-based Virtual Reality experiential company, providing VR experiences for groups and families.

When we met Immerse Nation, they had already proved their business proposition within the market. Their traction was quite significant, having already toured their VR gaming equipment in multiple shopping centres, and they were in the process of signing their first location. The CEO, was looking for assistance with a £500,000 raise. Having already attempted unsuccessfully to make headway with venture capitalists.

The business had made significant progress since the first fundraising attempts. We could clearly see the business traction, and realised the main issues were not with the business but with the pitch deck itself. We advised on a full pitch deck re-design and made sure to update and include the new business traction that had been gained.

We introduced Immerse Nation to one of our design partners, and managed to do a full re-design of the deck within a matter of weeks. Immerse Nation is currently in the process of talking to multiple of our partner VC’s regarding their £500,000 raise, and we aim to have closed the round by end of Q3 2019.

Currently, Fossu Ltd advises on the marketing strategy for Immerse Nation’s initial shopping locations and our CEO, Imelda Fossu, acts as Marketing Director.

01 Full business audit
02 Pitch deck audit
03 Pitch deck creation
04 Access to our Angel Network
05 Access to our VC Network
06 Marketing strategy


Stage One - Pitch deck audit

Immerse Nation already had a pitch deck, so our first point was to conduct a pitch deck review. Our findings were that the pitch deck was extremely strong content wise and had been well written, but needed a slight redesign and better detail on the company’s initial traction. After giving feedback on the content, the CEO then made the necessary changes and allowed us to bring in a designer to revamp the deck.

Stage Two - Pitch deck redesign

Operating in VR, the design was challenging as we wanted to be clear on an initial glance that Immerse Nation did not sell VR, or VR products. Our designer was able to do a mix of custom illustrations combined with renderings provided by the CEO of what the space would look like. Using a purple, blue theme and galactic imagery, we tried to portray the experiential nature of Immerse Nation and the playfulness that comes with VR products.

Stage Three - Mass deck send out

Our final phase in the process was our mass deck send out. Since our first meet, we had began making warm intro’s to interested VC’s and investors. This then meant than on the finalisation of the deck we had many interested parties waiting to for more information. As of Q2 2019 this process is still ongoing with in-person pitches being secured with our partner VC’s.

Next stages

We expect to the investment round with Immerse Nation to close by end Q3 2019. Immerse Nation is currently launching in 2 shopping centres in the summer of 2019, including a proposed 14,000 sqft space at Southside shopping centre. Making Southside the largest VR entertainment centre in the UK. Fossu Ltd is currently advising on the marketing strategy for the initial shopping centre launches, and is overseeing all digital marketing activities.

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Last Updated: April 2019