Lusi is an in-house company in the process of being developed by Fossu Ltd. Lusi is a a clothes swapping platform that enables people to trade in their clothes for lusi credits that can then be used to purchase other

Ride sharing platforms such as Uber service only a small number of the population. We came up with the idea behind Cadge after seeing a market need in more rural towns and villages in the UK. Often in these areas, getting a taxi can be extremely difficult and expensive, and there are often less options for transport than there are in big cities that Uber service. The name Cadge comes from the colloquial term, ‘to cadge a lift’ - which means to beg, or borrow a lift from someone. Informal lift sharing already exists in lesser populated areas of the UK, with people often advertising on Facebook or Snapchat about doing ‘town lifts’ on a weekend. Also, we found that people often go on platforms such as Facebook to call on friends and family when in dire need of a lift or if they’re stranded somewhere.

Cadge looks to formalise the lift culture that already exists in smaller communities. The platform will act as a peer-to-peer service, connecting locals driving places to other locals in need of a lift. Cadge is not meant to be used as a taxi app. Merely a local community app that facilitates a lift culture in communities that already exist.

We are currently in the process of designing the Cadge platform in-house, and look to launch in Doncaster in Q3 of 2019.


Stage One - Develop the MVP
We are currently in the process of developing our first MVP via our tech partner platform Bubble. Bubble is a no code platform, that enables non-coders to build fully functional MVP’s. We expect to launch the first version of Cadge by end of Q3 2019.

Stage Two - Begin pre-launch campaign
As Cadge is an internal Fossu Ltd project, we do not have the pressure of a national rollout. We expect to launch Cadge on a local level in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. In the beginning of Q3 2019 we will begin running a targeted ad campaign on social media, encouraging would be drivers and passengers to pre-register for the app.


Cadge is an internal development project, and we will not be seeking outside investment. We are currently in talks with local authorities regarding any licensing issues. We then envisage a local launch, and look to scale across the county thereafter.

For more information regarding Cadge, or for any partnership enquires please email

Last Updated: April 2019