Out There is a map-based business directory that helps connect customers to reliable, local tradesmen and businesses.

Out There came to us as an idea stage business. The founder came from a construction background and had no previous technical experience. He was therefore looking to utilise our service offerings in all three of our offered areas of expertise; tech, investment and marketing.

We assisted in the project from its earliest planning stages, and eventually progressed to full project management of the app build via our technical partners. We then oversaw the marketing to build a pre-launch email list of around 1500 interested users, and recently assisted in closing Out There’s first £50,000 investment round. On an advisory level, we assisted Alex in the building of his team, as well as an introduction to his now CTO Martin.

Out There launched on the App Store in September 2018 and on the Google Play store in February 2019. They have a user base of around 700 and are currently scaling nationally.

We currently assist in all marketing activities for the company, as well as representing them for future fundraising across our network. Our CEO, Imelda Fossu, also acts as a Director for the company.

01 Full business audit
02 Traction and proof of concept
03 Financial forecasts
04 Pitch deck creation
05 Pitch deck design
06 Pitch practise
07 Access to our Angel Network
08 Access to our VC Network
09 Technical brief
10 Technical roadmap
11 Wireframes
12 UI/UX Design
13 iOS apps
14 Branding & Positioning
15 Social media marketing
16 Influencer marketing
17 Email marketing
18 Content marketing


Stage One - Establishing the basics

As Out There came to us as an idea stage business, our first few weeks were spent establishing his market positioning and company offering. During this time we advised on things such as; the business model, the product features, the company structure and the overall company vision. From this point we then worked with the founder to help develop him as a first time founder. This included training and development on finance, registering a company, company structure and creating a business plan.

Stage Two - Technical brief & Build

Our secondary stage of working with Out There consisted of us overseeing his technical build. We worked closely with the founder to establish the purpose and function of the app, and made sure that this fit with his overall company vision. We then established a technical roadmap and wireframes alongside a detailed technical brief and introduced the founder to 2 of our technical partners. Our responsibility during this time was acting as a conduit for the founder’s vision throughout the entire technical process. Through our project management, we oversaw the development of the project and ensured that every milestone was hit, and that the project delivered on time. It was also our responsibility to ensure a lasting relationship between the founder and his dev team, this successfully led to one of our technical partners moving into a CTO role at Out There.

Stage Three - Pre-launch marketing & Marketing strategy

During this stage of the process we assisted the founder on his pre-launching marketing and advised on his overall marketing strategy. Due to the localised nature of the product (a local business directory app) we advised to go with a hyper-local marketing campaign. In this, the founder could launch in his hometown of Doncaster, and once he established a critical ratio of business to customer signups in the local area we would then move our advertising efforts to another town. To help achieve this, we began a pre-launch marketing campaign of multiple sales funnels leading to email-capture landing pages. The results were a success with a 40% average conversion rate and around 1500 emails captured in the local area over a 12 week period.

Stage Four - Investment readiness

Having already self-funded the app build, the founder asked if we’d be able to assist in raising an investment after the initial app launch. The founder had no experience in raising investment, and so we assisted in a large part of the fundraising process. We created the pitch deck, oversaw the pitch deck design and created the sales forecast. We also refined the pitch of the business, and advised on the proposed investment offering to ensure that this fit in with future funding plans.


  • Out There launched on the App Store in September 2018 to an initial sign up of 300 customers and 30 paying business users.

  • Martin Vejdarski, one of the key developers on the Out There project moved into a CTO/co-founder role after Out There’s launch.

  • Out There has since launched on the Google Play store in February 2019.

  • Out There successfully closed its first angel investment round of £50,000 in early 2019.

  • Out There currently has a 58.65% email open rate


Fossu Ltd has recently moved into representing Out There on all of their marketing activities and also acts in an interim CMO/COO advisory role to the founder. Our goal for this year is to increase the paid monthly business users on the app to around 2,000 and increase the customers on the app to around 20,000. We are currently doing a marketing campaign in Q2 of 2019 that includes high profile influencer endorsement, PR and localised social ads. We are also preparing Out There for its first seed round later this year with a goal of raising around £200,000 from one of our partner VC’s.

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Last Updated: April 2019