UniConnect is a mobile app, that connects university students to other university projects and people looking to hire students for freelance work.

We met UniConnect as an idea stage business, the Founder, a past university student had recently left university and was seeking investment to launch his MVP.

He had been let down by a previous unsuccessful angel round, and was seeking £75,000 to get his project off the ground. Our initial talks were about helping define his product, and his overall strategy as a CEO. We then conducted a pitch deck audit, and provided feedback on additional content before we began our mass deck send out.

Taking into account the investment round, we didn’t feel the need to advise on a full pitch deck redesign. We began making warm intro’s to interested angels in February of 2019 and we expect to close UniConnect’s first round by end of April 2019.

UniConnect has enlisted Fossu Ltd to oversee the tech project management and marketing efforts for the company after the funding round has closed. We are currently making preparations for the build of an MVP and marketing efforts to start in September 2019 - the start of the academic school year.


01 Pitch deck creation
02 Access to our Angel Network
03 Access to our VC Network


Stage One - Pitch deck audit

Due to the investment round size, UniConnect was subject to much less stringent pitch deck requirements than some of our bigger startups. The Founder had already written a very thorough pitch deck and his background in graphic design meant there was no need for a redesign. We therefore assisted only with a few minor adjustments to the pitch deck content, and the creation of the financial forecasts which had not been included.

Stage Two - Mass deck send out

We began sending UniConnect’s deck out in late February 2019. There has been much interest and we are now in the process of scheduling in-person pitches with the Founder. We expect to close this angel round by month end April 2019.

If you are interested in investing in UniConnect, please contact

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Last Updated: April 2019